Monday, November 3, 2014

November 3

This week went pretty good

Monday we had P-day and then we had a really good visit with a member who is allergic to the carpet and so is her daughter so they have a hard time coming out to church... but we brought Brother D with us. They really appreciated the visit. Then we went and contacted some of the potential investigators that we had tracted into on the previous Friday and the first one was busy but M, the second one, let us in and we had a really great experience with him. He is First Nations and turns out that he has always had a belief in Christ and has always wanted to learn more as he has always been the rock and main support in his family. His biggest concern was "Why doesn't God speak to men anymore like he did with Adam and Moses and Noah?" and "Why are there so many different Church's" and "What is going to happen to me after this life?" All perfect questions! It was great to be able to answer him and he really believed what we were sharing with him and the spirit was really strong, he accepted the invitation to be baptized, read the Book of Mormon and to come to church that Sunday! It was really exciting, definitely the most successful finding and teaching situation I have had here in Winnipeg!

Tuesday we helped sister Z clean up and organize her basement and got to hang out with her non-member husband then we had did online work and stopped by some potential investigators that we have been working with, saw J and X and read some of the Book of Mormon with them.

Wednesday we had district meeting and then we had lunch and made some poppies for sister C for the meals that she hand out to the homeless. Then we met with Brother L and had a good meeting with him and his Catholic-baptized Mormon wife joined with and we had a good meeting and she surprised us with cooking us a very large dinner. Then we went and visited B and he is doing well, then we went and were with X and J the rest of the night they had invited us to dinner

Thursday is was cold, we did our online work and visited Br at his shop and his friend was there who Br invited right there if he was interested in hear what we have to say and he was so we are going to be teaching him this week!. Then we had lunch and mowed sister F's lawns an had dinner and then we went and looked for people to teach

Friday we went out to G's place and split a ton of wood probably 3 times as much as we did the last time that we went out there and put some of his bee hives away into the bee house for the winter. Then we went to Sister Z's house for dinner and were there all night we helped her hand out Halloween candy all night   

Saturday we went to a bible study at the SDA which was good we got to share out thoughts and beliefs and the good thing was that almost everyone there except the pastor who was running the study were of different belief! Then we were there for their service and had been previously been invited over for dinner by one of the Elders in their congregation so we went there and had a good visit with them and had some good discussions on religion and had their completely vegan meal which was surprisingly good! Then we rushed over to Giant Tiger and helped with a service project with the Boys and Girls Club organization and met a really nice guy there who was also volunteering who has a brother in Boston who is a convert of the church! So that was good we had dinner and stopped by a few to no avail did online and then went for ice-cream to celebrate one of the sisters in our Districts birthday!

Sunday we got up thinking that it was 6:10 but really it was 7:10 (I set the clock back on the phone an hour for day-light savings but the phone decided to set it back another hour) so we were late for our missionary correlation meeting at 7:30...but after the meeting we went to M's and he didn't answer the door and the phone number he gave us was wrong but church was good even though M didn't come. Brother L came and Brother S came who are both Less-actives who we have been working with. We helped with the Giant Tiger Thing again that afternoon and had a good conversation with a girl who was volunteering there from Selkirk and referred her to the missionaries there. Then we had dinner and contacted some people but no one was home did our online work and tried to street contact but no one was on the streets that night so we came home collected indicators and that was our night!

Today the sisters cut my hair and did a very bad job. We went to p-day activity and then to Boston Pizza with almost the whole Zone to celebrate sister D's birthday today and then we went shopping at Costco for groceries and then now we are e-mailing..

Thanks for the e-mail! I love you you take care! 

-Love Elder Shane Dola