Monday, September 16, 2013

September 16, 2013

This week was really good though.

Monday we had P-day and spent the rest of our night getting soaked by walking around in the rain inviting people to the branch picnic that was happening on Saturday.

Tuesday we helped out at the Dryden Mission sorting some stuff downstairs in the basement, stopped by and invited some more people to the picnic, and had a lesson with G, and then we had another lesson with J and S and this was my first time being able to actually sit down and teach them. The spirit was very strong and we were able to help them start family prayers and helped out S receive some comfort since her grandma just died recently. Afterwards, Elder Florence said that that was the best lesson that he had ever had with them, which was great! After that we went over to the DNFC and helped them clean up there and had some people say that they were coming to the picnic! Afterwards we had dinner with President McDonald, and they had invited some friends over so that we could teach them, but unfortunately they didn't show up. But we were able to help out and serve the McDonalds by moving stuff around in their basement.

Wednesday we had a good district meeting and helped out at the food bank. We were able to teach the N's and also we had a lesson with J, who is still doing great and is so strong with keeping the Word of Wisdom.

Thursday we went to Aaron Park and helped out N and worked with him splitting logs. He, knowing we had a sports night every week, told us he is a certified Yoga Instructor and would love to give classes there if we wanted, which was such a miracle because we had been praying that we would have more success with getting people out to our sports night and out of nowhere, he completely solved our problem. We never even guessed that something like that would happen and he so willingly offered to do so.

Friday we weekly planned and were at the Mission helping J again, ripping up carpets, and then we got the transfer calls. We couldn't believe it but Elder Florence is leaving and I am staying here and will be training, which is going to be great for the new elder to be able to come to this great area, where so much is happening. It is going to be a great experience for him!

Saturday we helped the people at the Go-Getters (old folks home) set up for their big potluck meal and then we went to the church to set up for our picnic. Shortly after we got there, J showed up (over an hour early) before everyone else and just wanted to help, which is so great to see. She isn't even a member yet she always is helping and doing everything that she can, just a true disciple of Christ. It started raining and no one was coming which was really sad but then M and D showed up, who we hadn't seen all week, and they helped set up and prepare and they are just great people. And then I felt that we should text N and remind him to come and he had completely forgot about it but put down everything at work and came right out and had a great time. He mingled so well with the members and looked like he belonged. He is such a great guy! Too bad that Aaron Park closes soon and he will be leaving at the end of October. But overall there were over 25 people there and 7 of them were non-members, 4 of them being our investigators so it was great! After the picnic we went to the go-getters and helped set up everything else and had dinner and were able to talk with some really great people and let them know what it is we are doing here and just had an over all good conversation with some questions about the church. After that we were able to stop by the N's and shared a quick little spiritual thought with them.  They loved it and it is great to see their prayers being answered for the hard times that they are facing.

Sunday was great. M came to church by himself and we forgot to even invite him. He stayed for sacrament meeting and Sunday school and was very involved in the Sunday school lesson. We were able to stop by the N's again and shared another quick message and he just expressed his thanks to us and how he has such a strong desire to be baptized and get rid of his smoking. He is just such a great guy and the rest of his family too. I am so excited for things to settle down with them and for being able to teach them and help them out in all we can. We then went to J's and taught another lesson with her and she is still feeling more and more towards getting baptised and has been continuing to pray and read her scriptures! After that, we had a good lesson with J and S on faith, and they really enjoyed it.

This week is going to be really busy. We will only be here Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, so already our days are packed full with appointments and like 2 meal appointments everyday because all of a sudden everyone wants to see Elder Florence one last time before he goes home. It's great! Thursday we will drive to Winnipeg and drop off Elder Florence and pick up the new elder, drive back to Dryden, and then the next day we drive up to Fort Francis for zone conference and then Saturday and Sunday are district conference, so it's going to be a crazy busy time, but it is great!

-Love Elder Shane Dola