Monday, September 2, 2013

September 2

September 2, 2013

It was really hot but then Saturday and Sunday it poured like I have never seen before and there was a huge thunderstorm. We got soaked, even our shoes, and it destroyed my umbrella. It was crazy!

Things in Dryden have been really good and we have been really busy, it is great! I am just writing now because yesterday we didn't have any time to e-mail. We were out of town in Ignace and went on a great hike around sandbar lake or sandbar park or something with some of the members of our branch and the senior missionaries and right when we got back we had a lesson/FHE with J, the lady we have our Baptismal date with. Today we left at 7 to drive to Fort Frances, which is a 2 and a half hour drive through wilderness with literally no civilization or human contact for 180km, for a zone training meeting, which was great by the way, and then we went across to Minnesota to International Falls and had lunch, bought some cheese, and drove back just in time for my first dinner appointment since I have been here. We had a great visit with them and really go to know them. They are such great people and we didn’t have time to teach them but they said that they are coming to church, which will be great!

Last week so much happened but I don't have enough time to write it all! We had so many service opportunities and were the guest of honor at the community gardens potluck dinner. They thanked us for all the work we have done there and they gave us a huge basket full of vegetables and fruits from their gardens. The people here in Dryden are so nice and friendly! We also have made a great friendship with one of the people we serve here. His name is J and he had a baptismal date two years ago but for various reasons wasn't baptized and hadn't actually met and talked with the missionaries for over a year. But ever since I have been here, he has had a great softening of his heart and really opened up to us. He took us for dinner and then we talked for a very long time and taught him his favorite lesson, the plan of Salvation. I have developed a great love for him. He is such a great guy and everything he does and works for is for other people, just a great disciple of Christ, and very humble. I have learnt so much from him.  There is an organization he has created and has devoted almost his whole life to. It is like the Salvation Army stores but soo much more. 

We were also able to have 4 lessons with J since the last time I wrote you and we taught her the word of wisdom. We were worried that she would have a problem with it but she was very good. She said, "I love my coffee and my tea, but I think about the sacrifice He made for me. I think I can make this small sacrifice."  She also just has so much faith and said, "I know I don't always understand things but if He gives us commandments we should just do it." and she even had a pot of tea that she made before we came there, and was planning on having it after, but instead of drinking it and starting keeping the Word of Wisdom after, she just put it down the drain. The next day she forgot and made coffee, and half way through drinking it, she remembered that she wasn't supposed to drink it, so instead of drinking the rest, she stopped and dumped it down the drain again! She had a friend over Saturday night and made her tea or coffee but she didn't have any herself! It has just been so humbling to see how the Lord has prepared people and how he truly does answer all of our prayers. Everything we have had success with was from answered prayers and miracles! But it has been great! So much has happened!

I love you very much!

-Love Elder Shane Dola