Monday, September 9, 2013

September 9, 2013

Things are great! How have you been doing?  It has been raining, and then hot, and then normal and raining, and whenever it rains though, it is always super humid. The other day I heard someone say that it was 90% humidity and sometimes when we walk outside, my glasses will fog up because it is so humid!  This week was really busy again but it has been great!

Monday we went to Sandbar Provincial Park with the Tambres and then watched Legacy with J and she loved it, the Spirit was so strong!

Tuesday we drove to Fort Francis and had a Zone Training Meeting and went to I-Falls for lunch and came back and had a dinner appointment with a great couple. They are just so nice and great people who said that they would come to Church on Sunday.

Wednesday we went to the foodbank and helped out and and then we went on exchanges with the Kenora Elders. Elder H and I went to the Dryden Mission and helped sort some stuff and afterwards we went over to visit the N’s and they were sick so we couldn't really meet with them and after that though we got a call from J telling us that the truck to take stuff for Africa was coming tomorrow and he needed to fill the rest of the truck and had two hours to do it. The original date was set for September 30th where he would have over 100 volunteers to help him and now there was no one! Later that day we went and had a great lesson with J and the Tambres came with us again and we taught her the Gospel of Jesus Christ and she had some questions that were all cleared up. She really understands the importance of baptism more now and once again the spirit was very strong with her and she just told us how much happier she has been and that she just enjoys herself more and that she just enjoys life more. Later that night we stopped by a few others and went tracting a bit and were able to set up a return appointment with a lady named C.

Thursday we went to the Dryden mission with the Kenora Elders around 7:30 and were there until around 11:30 and they went back to Kenora. We had to rearrange the whole semi-truck trailer when we got there because it was half full but it wasn’t pushed to the back of the trailer and was spread out so that took over an hour and then we started getting ready to load other things up. The Tambres came to help and Sister M and random people just started coming out of nowhere to come help out and we never told them or anything.  They just saw the truck and came out to help! Then 2 high school classes showed up and helped us out too and just had a line of people passing boxes and bags. It was so good. We accomplished more than we had originally planned and never would have gotten it done had not all of the people shown up! After that we went out to Aaron Park and helped N cut some more brush for a while. Then we came back and took this lady on a walk with her new motorized wheel chair because she just recently got it and wasn't comfortable going out on her own with it.  So we went with her and took her shopping, and carried her bags, and 35 lbs of vegetables she bought at the farmers market, and even brought her blasted dog with us too. We then ate for the first time that day and went out and cut L & L’s lawn because they were out of town in Thunder Bay because their newborn twins are in the Hospital.

Friday we weekly planned. Then we set up for a church tour but the guy was sick so he couldn't come. We then went to our other lesson for C but she wasn't home so we tracted around the area and ran into a family of 5.  It appeared to be single mom, and their lawn I don't think was ever cut, so we cut down the 3-foot grass, even though it clogged up our lawnmower numerous times. Then we drove out to President V's and had my first dinner appointment with them and spent the rest of the night helping him with things around his massive yard.

Saturday we went to teach the N's but they were still sick so we went to a youth center and helped out a bunch there. Then we went to President M’s Retirement party where he bore his testimony and gave all of his colleagues a copy of the Scriptures and we were able to meet with and talk with a ton of people there.

Sunday we had church and M&D came to Sacrament meeting. We later had a ward correlation meeting, made some invitations for the BBQ that we are having on Saturday, then we had a lesson with G who we hadn’t been able to see in almost 3 weeks, and then we went and invited all the people we could think of to the BBQ for the rest of the night. We went to M & D’s to invite them and see what they thought of Church, but when we got there they invited us in and had some other friends and family over and we got to meet with them and talk a bit. They just had a BBQ and fed us again and we hadn't even planned on eating that night but the Lord provided for us and they told us they loved church and we found out that M saw one of the videos I posted on Facebook from and went on there and spent almost 2 hours on there afterwards just watching videos and learning more about the church! After that we went to the N's and they were finally all feeling better and we set up an appointment later on in the week and they are so excited to meet with us!

Love Elder Shane Dola