Monday, June 16, 2014

June 16

This week:
Monday had p-day had a good visit with some of our new investigators, then we went on exchanges.

Tuesday we had district meeting, had lunch, visited with a ton of less actives we hadn't met before, had dinner with the B's and were enlightened by their great conversion story and their great testimonies, then we went and stopped by a few others, and then ended our exchange.

Wednesday we had the other district meetings, met a less active member who happens to live across the street from us, which was a super spiritual experience. He wants to come back to church now. Had a lesson online, taught H and X again, and then brought R with us and taught the Plan of Salvation to J, who now has a baptismal date on July 12!

Thursday Elder Petersen was sick so we went on exchanges again and met with our friend from Korea who we met last week. He just sat there and told us how much he loved going to church and how much more comfortable it was than his previous church and how much he loved the idea of Fast offerings and fasting before we even were able to talk about it. He is super great and told us that he has a few addictions that he is trying to overcome and we introduced him to ARP to which he agreed to go before we could even invite him and blocked off that time every week now so that he can go! Super great guy. He then took us out to a really good sushi place and we had a good lunch and a good conversation with him. We saw Kendall there too. After that Elder Wiltse and I were very full but we were able to go out to Gray and help the H's rip all of the shingles off of their roof and started to prep it for the new ones, which was great and super fun!

Friday we were super busy. Kendall took us out to breakfast again. It was great to see him again before he left Regina the next morning. We did some on-line work. Then had lunch at Sister T's and were able to give Brother T a blessing, as he is feeling very sick. We then had a few lessons, one with M and the Book of Mormon. Later we went to Sister M's and had dinner and helped them move some rocks into their yard from another member’s yard across town. Then we went to the temple and helped out with our ward temple sealings. 

Saturday we went back to the temple bright and early and went through a session with the Assistants, and then went on exchanges with them and taught a lesson to a less active recent convert. Then we went back, did some on-line work, weekly planned, and went to a Philippino BBQ, which was pretty good. Following that, we stopped by and visited a lot of less active members and prospective Elders. We had a really spiritual experience with C where he told us of his newly gained testimony of prayer! Then we had dinner, stopped by a few others, and did some on-line work.

Sunday didn't exactly go as planned. We had 16 people who had committed and were going to be at church, but only one of them actually ended up coming, which was too bad. But he had another great experience as he listened to the father’s day talks and he ended up staying longer than he had originally planned again. He is really progressing very well. After church we planned for our portion in Zone Conference. Then we had dinner with the T's, took indicators, and took care of some other things.

But I love you and hope that you have a great week! Take care!

-Love Elder Shane Dola