Monday, June 23, 2014

June 23

Hey!  If there is room in the package could you please send those Dockers khaki pants that I wore while I was at future shop! That would be great thanks!  Also as always I always always need more ties that are paisley or floral or plaid. It is a definite need! ;)

Week was pretty rough, not gonna lie...the sisters in our district had one of their investigators pass away due to drug OD, our most promising investigator won't respond to us whenever we try to contact him, and our Ward Mission leader, who lives a few blocks away from us, had his house broken into, (the police believe that it is gang related) and had his iPad, wedding ring and car keys and car stolen...
Monday we had p-day and had to plan our portion for Zone Conference and also had to make the programs for Zone Conference.

Tuesday we had a meeting with my District Leaders, had Zone Conference, had dinner with a member family who are here from Alberta just for the summer, and had a few referrals that we stopped by.

Wednesday we were able to give the sisters a blessing and helped a member take some stuff to the dump because we had a nice big truck; we get to help out a lot. Taught a new investigator who is from Alberta at a Tim Hortons, stopped by a few others, and had a meal appointment with some members. Taught a lesson online. Started our Exchanges with Lewvan.

Thursday we tried to contact a referral who owns an ice cream shop but he wasn't there so we just ate ice cream at 10:30 in the morning went and did some online proselyting. Tried to contact a less active  but we got kicked out of the apartment complex by some building manager because he thought we were just punching in random numbers before he could even answer the phone. We visited with J and then with M and then had dinner at some fancy Italian Restaurant named Luigis Pasta House with sister C and some of her family. There is one pasta dish there that is 3pounds of pasta 3 pounds of sauce and half a loaf of garlic bread...So I might have to try that next time, because if you can eat all of it in 1 hour you get a $50 gift card and your name on the wall of fame. But we had to leave before dessert and we were able to teach H and X the restoration and watched the Restoration DVD with them in Chinese, which was quite interesting. Then we picked up brother S (he is the one whose house got broken into so he no longer has a car) and went to the church where we had an appointment that got launched so we took him back home and then ended our exchanges.

Friday we weekly planned and helped Sister T move some stuff into a moving van that they were taking to her daughter who lives outside of Selkirk and she gave us a ton of food for no reason, which was great! Spent the rest of the night stopping by and visiting less-actives and referrals and doing online work.

Saturday we had a missionary co-ordination meeting with our District at brother S's. Following that we had lunch, had our lesson with J, which was great. He is getting baptized on the 12 of July and a lot of his family has been coming back into activity in the Church to support him because of it. After the lesson we gave his mom a blessing for her headache and she texted us later and told us how she knows that the Church is true and that she didn't have a head ache at all right after and she had had them for weeks straight, so that was a miracle for sure. Then we did some online work, had dinner, and visited some more referrals and prospective Elders.

Sunday we had church and C came again; he's a Less Active we haven't seen for a very long time. C came again as always and has been super great! Then we were a little disappointed because F and J didn't show up for their church (they are in a different ward) but then a few seconds later, they showed up and J's dad, who previously told us he wasn't coming, showed up too and they also brought one of their little grandsons! So that was great; they really enjoyed it. We later did online work, visited with C, which went really well, and then had dinner and stopped by some more Less-actives. We have been cleaning up the records a lot if you can't tell... then we collected indicators and that's it.

But it was great to hear from you. Sounds like you have some fun weeks ahead of you! Love you, you take care :)

-Love Elder Shane Dola