Monday, June 2, 2014

June 2

This week was pretty crazy. Monday we quickly e-mailed and went to "I Love Sushi" for lunch which was pretty good. Following that, we went to the Golf Tournament and sat at a Hole-in-one prize hole from 1:00-6:00 to see if anyone got a hole in one. No one ever even got close but everyone who came up that talked with us thought they were really funny and that we should tell the organizers that they got a hole in one and if they did they would let us borrow the truck for a month (the prize for getting a hole-in-one was a 2014 GMC Sierra, or so we thought until later we realized that the prize was actually pretty upsetting as it was only a free 1 year lease.... which only upset the people more. So really we sat there for 5 hours straight getting sun burnt and attacked by mosquitoes while everyone told us we could take off our ties and some were nice and knew who we were and others were jerks and wanted to argue with us later but were too afraid to confront us later or something so they didn't. But yeah it was not too bad. Got a lot of people to know who we were and heard from some members that their friends at the tournament saw us there and thought it was really nice what we did. So that was really good. After that we ate dinner with everyone else at the clubhouse and had a few people try to buy us some shots. But it was a good service activity overall! After that we got taken out for ice cream by a member family and shared a message with them as they said their farewells to Elder B.

Tuesday we picked up Elder B's PMG and had District meeting then we went to Boston Pizza with Brother F one last time. Visited C, and did a bunch of other stuff, then we got stuck in traffic for an hour so we were late for our dinner appointment with the M's but got there. ate, and then went and had another dinner at the Burgess' which was super spiritually uplifting. President Burgess is in the Temple Presidency so every time we go there he uplifts us way more than we do him. Following that said a few goodbyes to a few others.

Wednesday we had District meeting and then Sister T took all the missionaries in our District to Costco for lunch and then took us shopping and tried to make me let her buy my GPS. Then we went on Facebook, and then visited with C one last time.  We couldn't make it to Tony Roma's that night with Sister C because we already had an appointment with the S's. After that we went to the temple and had an endowment session with 49 missionaries who were all in the city for transfers and the temple has a max of 40, so that was pretty packed, but it was a super great experience. After that we set up billets for everyone else for the night.

Thursday was transfers. We sent some Elders on their way, stopped by to say bye to the T's and she ended up feeding us. Then we saw the W's and then had dinner at the M's again and shared a message with them. Then we moved a lady. Then we went to the church and assigned other billets for people that got back.

Friday Elder B left and we finished up the rest of Transfers in Regina. Elder P and I went on our way and took care of a few things and some luggage and then we planned our portion we had to give in Stake Priesthood Leadership meeting the next day, took care of some more logistical things, and then had dinner, went back to the Temple and did ward baptisms.

Saturday we had a baptism from Yorkton district which went well, so that was all morning, We then had lunch and had to mow the Sister missionaries lawn, if you could even call it that. It was more like a dandelion patch. Then we rushed home, changed, and went to the Priesthood leadership session, which was good, and gave our portion which went alright. Then we went for dinner and came back for the Adult session which went pretty good. C came.

Sunday we had breakfast and missionary coordination meeting at Bro S's home, then went to Stake Conference and C was there, which was great. He enjoyed it.  Then we took stuff down and helped clean up then we planned a bit,  had dinner with the M's, and then came home, planned some more, had to take indicators and month end K's...

Long week, super stressful and disappointing as not much actual missionary work was done.

But I love you, you take care!

-Love Elder Shane Dola