Monday, June 9, 2014

June 9

This week was pretty good. We received 5 new investigators, which was good.

Monday was P-day and all of the missionaries in Regina went out to a Brother T's house and just had a good party/ get-together where we played pool, ping pong, Foosball, ultimate frisbee, other games etc. Was a good time. They had a pig roast where they dug a pit and threw the pig in there. It was a really big fail however. The pig wasn't nearly close to being cooked. It was still bleeding and it smelt really bad as it was just sitting there for 14+ hours outside in the ground on top of some coals. But that was good. We later stopped by some LA members and had FHE with the YSA

Tuesday we had district meeting and then went to BP's for district lunch. Pasta is half off on Tuesday. Contacted a ton of people and had dinner with the C's and took C with us to a member's place and had a good visit.  C loved it!

Wednesday we had other District meetings, stopped by a ton of Perspective Elders and had dinner with the T's. Then we had a lesson with H and his friend. X  joined in and it was super good. It was X's first introduction to religion and he was super interested and wanted to learn more! 

Thursday we had a coordination meeting with our district and a man walked up to the building we were using and wanted to take a look at it and ended up coming in and we taught him about the church and he expressed how he was looking for more in his life and was looking for a different church and wants us to continue teaching him. Then we had a lunch break and a random member we don't know was at Subway and bought all 6 missionaries their lunch. We then stopped by J and N and set an appointment with them and stopped by a referral from a lady who we helped move and met a really great couple and their kids who are now investigating the church and said they really wanted to become better and overcome their problems. It was a great day. We then had dinner and visited a few more people that night.

Friday we had weekly planning and met with a few other people and met with R and had a really interesting discussion with him. Then sister C took all of us to East Side Mario's and stuffed us with food! Then we went and volunteered at the Philippians Pavilion at "Mosaic" Festival which was really neat and good opportunity to serve and get our image out to the public. Then Brother C had us eat more food, so felt pretty sick that night.

Saturday we went to the temple and did baptisms for 2 hours, then yard work on the grounds for 2 hours, then we had lunch at Bro. S's home and had our missionary coordination meeting. Then we volunteered at Mosaic again had a lesson with one of Elder Petersen's friends from back home on Facebook.

Sunday we had church and C was there again. Unfortunately none of our new investigators showed up but just before sacrament started, D showed up. He loved it I was sitting with him and could really tell that he felt the spirit! Then he stayed for Gospel Principle and took a book home and is going to be meeting with us again this week. Was a super great experience to see him and him express how at peace he was at, and how he committed himself to study things out in the scriptures and to pray about it without us even having to invite him to do so! After church we stopped by a few others, had dinner, and had another lesson on Facebook followed by battling with our dinosaur computer and fax machine so we finally go our indicators off to the assistants.

Overall it was a great week and we witnessed many miracles, blessings, and answered prayers this week! Hopefully we will continue to see more as the transfer goes on!

Love you! You take care! 

-Love Elder Shane Dola